About Daniel Lieberman

About Daniel Lieberman

Daniel Lieberman

Daniel Lieberman is a freelance writer and cook living in the hills of Western Massachusetts. A former software developer, Daniel is the founder and CEO of Spelt Gourmet, home of sophisticated wheat-free cooking on the Internet. After seven years of working with entrepreneurs, Daniel has recently caught the bug and created his own startup.

Spelt Gourmet

spelt gourmetAfter replacing common wheat with spelt in all my cooking for the last ten years, I have started a new website and business Spelt Gourmet.

Spelt is an ancient grain many people who have trouble digesting wheat can eat without problems. Most available spelt products are in the “health food” category; many are not useful in gourmet cooking. Too many of the recipes published online and in cookbooks are pedestrian and unambitious.

Spelt Gourmet aims higher: our goal is to be able to cook and eat anything made with wheat, whether ethnic traditions from around the world or the most ambitious dishes from the classical cuisines of Europe and Asia

Spelt Gourmet offers a basic kit of master recipes for spelt in the kitchen: breads, pastas, breadcrumbs, dumpling wrappers, and much more. The site will also review resources like spelt flours, pastas, and other products. A Spelt Gourmet store will offer carefully chosen food products and kitchen equipment for serious cooks.

Working with Daniel Lieberman

  • Freelance Writing—Specializing in Food and Cooking
  • Social Media Management
  • Search Advertising (Facebook and Google Adwords)
  • Custom Newsletters
  • Website “Handyman”

I’m interested in writing assignments, particularly food related ones, although I can write about just about anything.

I’m available to help individuals and companies with websites, social media, newsletters, and search advertising, on-call and reasonably priced.

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