About Daniel Lieberman

About Daniel Lieberman

Daniel Lieberman

In October, 2016, I joined FootCare by Nurses. We are a specialty nursing staffing agency focused on giving great person-centered care to patients and saving the organizations who serve them complications and money.

My focus at FCBN is mastering the challenges of supporting a mobile nursing service. As always in a startup project, putting together a system that works for everybody—patients, partners, practitioners, and management—out of inadequate mobile communications (this is in large part a rural area that is not 100% covered by broadband—or even cellular service), not-quite-perfect software, and the varying aptitude, ability, and willingness of non-technical users with better things to do to put in the work to learn new software and systems.

Born and raised in New Jersey, I moved to New York City when I was 19. After 20 years in New York, most of them in Brooklyn, I came to Western Massachusetts when my family and I moved our business to Northampton. I recently returned to the village of Shelburne Falls after living in Shelburne Center for 15 years. The nice old house I live in overlooks the Deerfield River. As often as I can, when the weather is nice, I sit on the porch to watch the river flow by. Shelburne Falls is a delightful place to live. It’s full of friendly and interesting people, and there’s enough going on to make it easy to go for days without wanting to leave the village.

In my free time, I attend the excellent yoga classes at Shelburne Falls Yoga, cook recipes from all over the world, and learn foreign languages. I read constantly and listen to music passionately.

Please feel free to contact me if I can be of help to you.

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